Mountain Bike Trails near Hailey, Idaho

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Hailey, Idaho

OverviewIn the scenic vicinity of Hailey, Idaho, the Bullion Connector trail serves as the vital connecting route between the Croy Creek trailheads. With a length of 2.4 miles
3 mi
OverviewHidden in the landscapes of Hailey, Idaho, the Croy Creek Trails serve as an expansive network for mountain biking enthusiasts. Comprising eight interlinked trails
25 mi
OverviewNestled within the expansive Croy Creek Trail System near Bailey, the Hidden Valley Trail offers a secluded six-mile loop that stands apart from its sister trails.
6 mi
OverviewNestled in Hailey, Idaho, the Imperial Gulch Trail stands as a perfect example of a challenging yet rewarding mountain biking experience. The trail spans a distance of
10 mi