Mountain Bike Trails in Idaho

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Idaho

OverviewNestled 6 miles south of Ketchum, Idaho, the Greenhorn-Imperial loop stands out as a quintessential ride in a network of multiuse trails. Boasting a distance of 5
5 mi
Over the Top: Pokatello's Elevation EmbraceTrail OverviewRising from the south edge of Pokatello, the Over the Top trail, embedded within the City Creek Trails, presents an
4 mi
City Creek Trails, Pocatello: Idaho's Networked DelightOverviewTucked away to the south of Pocatello in Idaho, the City Creek Trails stretch an impressive 20 miles, offering
20 mi
Little Elk Creek Trail: A Daunting Adventure in Palisades, IdahoOverviewNestled within the rugged terrain of Palisades, Idaho, the Little Elk Creek Trail beckons mountain
7 mi
Lower and Upper Palisade Lakes Trail: A Nature-Lover's Delight in IdahoOverviewHidden within the majestic boundaries of Idaho's Palisades is a gem of a trail, leading riders
6 mi
North Fork
Conquering Chief Joseph to Dahlonega: A Biking Odyssey in North Fork, IdahoFrom the vibrant history of the trails to the heart-pounding descent, North Fork's Chief Joseph to
18 mi
North Fork
Little Silverlead to Wagonhammer Creek: An Adrenaline Rush in North Fork, IdahoDrenched in the beauty of North Fork, Idaho, the bike trail from Little Silverlead to
11 mi
North Fork
Elk Trail Loop: A Blend of Thrills and Nature's SplendorsSituated in the heart of Idaho's captivating landscapes, the Elk Trail Loop, close to North Fork, is a test of
9 mi
North Fork
Big Hole Pass to Sheep Creek: An Exhilarating Downhill ExperienceTucked away in the scenic outskirts of North Fork, Idaho, the trail from Big Hole Pass to Sheep Creek promises
13 mi
Loon Lake Loop Trail Review: A Mesmerizing Blend of History and NatureOverviewTucked away in the heart of McCall, Idaho, the Loon Lake Loop Trail offers a captivating fusion
10 mi