How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock: Easy Ways

If you own a wordlock bike lock, it is inevitable that you will forget the password once or twice. Read on to explore how to reset a wordlock bike lock.
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Last updated: August 16, 2023
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A Wordlock bike lock is an intriguing idea for anyone who takes their bike everywhere. It sounds fun and safe to secure your bike with a password until you forget the passcode and look like a thief trying to steal a bike. Bike locks with letters are secure enough for short-term parking. A Wordlock bike lock functions in a similar way as other combination bike locks, except instead of numbered dials, it uses letters. Once you input the combination letters, the lock should open when you pull either side.

In this article, we look at how to reset a Wordlock bike lock when you forget the passcode. We explore all the tricks that would work for different types of Wordlock bike locks.

What Is a Wordlock Bike Lock?

How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock: Easy Ways
Wordlock Cable Bike Locks provide maximum security against theft with a heavy-duty flexible steel cable.

A Wordlock bike lock is basically a combination bike lock that uses letters as the passcode. You can only unlock a Wordlock bike lock by entering the correct combination of letters. Compared to numbered combination locks, Wordlock bike locks are easier to remember.

When the lock is still new, you should reset the default passcode to a combination of letters that you can easily remember. Also, to increase your bike’s security, the passcode shouldn’t be too obvious that anyone random can easily guess. The passcode does not have to be the obvious 4-letter words like TREE, SHED, or PLAY. You can use four initials that mean something special to you or a name or word that you share with someone special. If you make it personal, it will be hard to forget.

Here is how to create new custom passcode for a new Wordlock bike lock:

Step 1: Unlock the Wordlock bike lock with the default combination provided by the manufacturer. The default combination is effective and will allow you to reset the lock.

Step 2: After unlocking the bike lock, twist the set system up to 180 degrees so that you can begin the resetting process.

Step 3: Enter the combination that has a significant meaning to you. Use the ‘set’ mechanism and turn it counterclockwise up to 180 degrees. This indicates that you have reset the bike lock’s passcode.

Step 4: test the custom combination you created to see if the process was successful.

Many manufacturers offer an instructional guide for resetting a bike lock’s passcode. Overall, Wordlock bike locks are not the safest way of securing your bike. Moreover, many Wordlock bike locks are made with thin materials that are twisted together. You can get another lock to back up your Wordlock bike lock for maximum security. The Wordlock bike lock would be perfect for securing the bike’s wheels and other parts like a bike rack. Do you need a bike rack for carrying your work bag or shopping items from the grocery store? Read our article on the best bike racks. It has a detailed buying guide and a well-thought product list that will help you navigate the multiple market choices.

How to Unlock a Wordlock Bike Lock

Here are a few tricks to try when you forget your Wordlock bike lock’s passcode.

Try Default Combination

The default combination should be the first thing to cross your mind when you think of how to unlock a Wordlock bike lock. If your lock is still new, you probably haven’t reset its passcode. Many Wordlock bike locks come with the default combination ‘SHED.’ Enter S-H-E-D into the Wordlock if your lock is still new.

How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock: Easy Ways
You may notice the password ‘shed’ when purchasing the Worldlock bike lock. Do not forget to change it when you start using the lock.

Try Popular Passcodes

If you have already reset the Wordlock bike lock’s passcode, you have to jog your memory and try all the possible words you could have used. Since it is a 4-letter word, you probably didn’t put much thought into it. Try all the popular passcodes like SHED, PARK, PLAY, and LOOP.

Apply Tension and Scroll

The best (or worst) thing about the Wordlock bike lock is that if you apply tension and scroll each dial, you will get feedback that it is in the open position. Pull one side of the lock and keep the other under tension to begin the process. Start scrolling the dials paying keen attention to feel any stiffness or tension. You will know you have aligned one of the gates to open position if you feel a click or tension release. If this happens, repeat the same process for the next dial and work your way down until the lock pops open.

A strangely stiff dial under tension also means that you are very close or already in the open position. Fiddling with the dials may take some time, but it may be the only way to salvage the lock if all the other tricks don’t work.

How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock

If you were unable to pop the Wordlock bike lock open after trying popular passcodes and applying tension while scrolling, all hope is not lost. You can reset the Wordlock with two techniques depending on its style. Wordlock bike locks come in two styles, switch, and twist. The only difference between the locks is the locking mechanism.

Switch Style Lock

The switch-style lock has a protruding locking mechanism with a bottom switch connecting the two ends. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset the lock;

Step 1: Flick the switch up and scroll up the letters of the word to wish to use up to the spot with the mark on the Wordlock’s side.

Step 2: Once you are done aligning the characters of your desired code with the mark, return the switch to its original position.

Step 3: Test your custom combination passcode to see if it is working correctly.

You can reset your switch-style Wordlock bike lock as many times as possible for further security. Plus, the process is very straightforward.

Twist Style Lock

Resetting a twist-style Wordlock bike lock is different from resetting a switch-style lock. Here is how to go about it;

Step 1: Ensure the bike lock is unlocked, then rotate the spin witch into the set position. Rotate it fully until it stops to put the locking mechanism in the setting position.

Step 2: Enter the combination letters that you want to use to open the Wordlock.

Step 3: Confirm that you have entered the correct combination code, then rotate the switch back to its original position. Your twist-style lock is set and ready to keep your bike safe.

Take note of your new Wordlock passcode in your notebook or phone to avoid all the hassle when you forget it. Also, Wordlock bike locks vary from brand to brand. It is safer to go by the manufacturer’s instructions when resetting the passcode to avoid damaging the lock.

How to Maintain a Wordlock Bike Lock

With proper maintenance, your Wordlock can last and serve you for a long. Once you have reset the passcode, you have to take measures that minimize future passcode problems. Don’t share the code with anyone, and as earlier mentioned, take note of it in your phone, notebook, or any other accessible place.

If the lock is made of steel, keep it away from saltwater. Avoid dropping the lock in water or sand when you ride your bike to the beach. The saltwater may corrode its internal mechanisms, and the sand may block its locking mechanism.

Use a paper towel to wipe off the dirt and grime on a bike lock. Open the lock so you can easily access the insertion points and locking mechanisms. Wipe around the edges of the dials on the Wordlock as they tend to gather more dirt. Ensure the towel is completely dry, as any amount of water could cause corrosion and eventual damage to the lock’s internal mechanisms.

If the lock refuses to click into place, it is damaged and should be replaced. You can try to fix it with lubricants and oil sprays like WD-40. If it is a cheap lock, you would be better off tossing it and getting another high-quality model.

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Why reset a Wordlock bike lock?

You may need to reset a Wordlock bike lock if you want a custom passcode. A custom passcode is easier to remember than the default passcode as, normally, it would have significant meaning to you. Moreover, the default passcode is usually the same for many models. A notorious bike thief will definitely try to enter the default SHED passcode, and if that’s it, your bike will be gone.

Another reason for resetting a Wordlock bike lock is when you forget your passcode. The chances of you forgetting a four-letter word that means something to you are slim, but if you picked the code randomly, you could easily forget it on a busy day. You should also reset the passcode if you realize many people know it. Keep it a secret and reveal it to only people you trust.

How do I lock a bike with a Wordlock bike lock?

As mentioned previously, a Wordlock bike lock requires a correct code for it to align the cylinders in the locking mechanism and open the lock. You can reset your Wordlock bike lock’s passcode right after purchasing it. Some cheap models do not offer the option of resetting the passcode. If you get an upmarket model that allows you to reset the code, follow the steps above to get your desired secret code.

Memorize the code and enter it every time you need to open the lock. If the code is correct, the lock will easily slide open. Locking the bike should not be a struggle either, if you enter the correct code, it will easily slide and close.

After closing the lock, scramble the dials to secure it. You may be tempted only to scramble one dial for an easier time when unlocking the bike, but that puts your bike at risk, as a thief wouldn’t struggle before getting the combination right. Scramble the dials completely for maximum security.

Which is better: Wordlock bike lock or numbered combination lock?

How to Reset a Wordlock Bike Lock: Easy Ways
Which bike lock to choose depends on your preferences, but keep in mind that it’s easier to reset the Worldlock in case you’ve forgotten the password.

A Wordlock bike lock and numbered combination bike lock are pretty much the same things. Both locks use the same locking mechanisms. The primary difference between them is that a numbered bike lock requires a combination of numbers to unlock, while a Wordlock bike lock requires a combination of letters to unlock.

Wordlock bike locks are ideal for children and people who are not good with numbers because they are easier to remember. Both Wordlock and numbered combination locks are not ideal for securing a bike because they are made with flexible cables that can easily get snipped with bolt cutters. If theft is not an issue for you, then you wouldn’t go wrong with either option. Moreover, Wordlock bike locks are more fun as you can create interesting passcodes.

How secure is a Wordlock bike lock?

According to a research paper by Central Washington University Trusted Source Bike Lock Combining Strength and Flexibility This project was motivated by a need for a device that would allow a bicycle owner to securely lock their bike to atypical items in an urban setting, besides specifically designed bike racks. , Wordlock bike locks are made with a flexible metal threaded cable that a thief can easily cut with a small pair of wire cutters. The cable is flexible because it consists of hundreds of thin metal strands. That said, you cannot rely on a Wordlock bike lock as the main security for your bike, especially if you park in a high-crime area. For short-term parking or in a low-crime area, a Wordlock bike lock would suffice.

Also, avoid the cheaper models as they are normally made with weak, substandard materials that provide close to no security for your bike. If you love your bike, do not cheap out on a lock.

The Kryptonite KryptoLok 990 Combo Chain Lock remains the most acclaimed Wordlock bike lock because of its durable build and easy-to-use reset locking mechanism. You can back it up with the equally popular Motorized Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm. When anyone lays their hand on your bike, you will get a high-decibel screech.

What can I do if my Wordlock bike lock jams?

If your lock jams because you forgot your password, try all the methods discussed above to unlock it. Some cheap bike lock models can also jam when their inner metal parts get corroded. If this is the case, spray WD-40 inside and wait for it to loosen the jammed parts. If the WD-40 works, re-lubricate the lock’s locking mechanism with a Teflon-based lubricant to avoid future jamming.

What is the Gap method of picking up a combination code?

The gap method only works with low-end Wordlock bike locks. High-end locks do not show gaps between the dials. To start the process, set all the letters to be similar, like ‘AAAA’ or ‘BBBB.’ Pull hard on either side of the lock and pay attention to the first and second dials. If you don’t see any gap between them, rotate the first dial to the letter ‘B.’ The combination should now read ‘BAAA.’ Pull the lock on either side again and look out for the gap again. Repeat the process, changing the letters until you see a tiny gap. The gap is an indicator that the code you have lined up is correct. The dial’s locking gate is open, and the gap appears because it is not being pulled on when you pull either side of the lock. The process sounds like work, but if you are dedicated, you’ll be done in 5-10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

A Wordlock bike lock is the better alternative to the numbered combination bike locks for people who have a problem with numbers and children. Letting your child pick a secret word code for their bike lock is the cutest and most fun thing you can do. Although they don’t offer maximum protection, Wordlock bike locks can still deter a thief, especially if they don’t have a cutting or snipping tool.

We have covered all the tricks and tips on how to reset a Wordlock bike lock. Recovering a Wordlock padlock forgotten combination can take some time and effort, but it may be the only viable way of saving your lock. If you find resetting the lock too much of a hassle, you can easily snip it off and get a new lock.


Bike Lock Combining Strength and Flexibility
This project was motivated by a need for a device that would allow a bicycle owner to securely lock their bike to atypical items in an urban setting, besides specifically designed bike racks.

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