Mountain Bike Trails near Spokane, Washington

There’s a good reason why outdoor enthusiasts love visiting Spokane. With a motto of “Near Nature, Near Perfect” there’s something to do outdoors year round. Summer sees biking, hiking and picnics while the summer months are filled with skiing and snowboarding. As a family-friendly city, there are also a ton of cultural activities to keep everyone of all ages entertained.

Mountain Bike Trails near Spokane, Washington

Beacon Hill is a unique mountain bike trail system in Spokane, Washington. The system’s best selling point is its fun network of trails for riders of most skill levels,
25 mi
The Mount Spokane Loop’s name correctly signals you are in for a tough ride on this trail. The trail features a beautiful forest with attractive trees, but climbing through
9.6 mi
One of the best ways to have fun in Washington is to hit Trail 140 at Mount Spokane State Park. The trail offers varied terrain that gives you a difficult ride but rewards you
6.1 mi
Get treated to the stunning views of Spokane and Spokane Valley when you ride to the top of the Big Rock by way of Iller Creek. This trail offers a challenging climb that is
5.9 mi
The Spokane River Walk bike trail gives you an experience of a lifetime through the paved surface that ensures an easy ride and a bunch of beautiful leaves that show you the
2 mi

Spokane, Washington: Area Description

Essentially, Spokane is located along the Spokane River in eastern Washington with an elevation of 1,843 ft above sea level. In addition to lush prairies, rolling hills and large lakes there are also several coniferous forests that make for picturesque landscapes. Furthermore, these extensive and varied terrains create some exciting bike trails!

Land area 179.99 km²
Minimum Elevation 1,843 ft
Maximum Elevation 2,591 ft

Demographics of Spokane Washington

As the largest city in the county and the second largest city in Washington, Spokane has an average population of 229 071. On average, the cost of living in Spokane is 10% lower than the state average and about 3% higher than the national average. However, it’s worth noting that housing is 3% more expensive than the U.S. average. Fortunately, utilities are 5% less expensive.

Total population 229 071 (2021)
Population density 1,300/km²

Climate of Spokane Washington

To enjoy all the outdoor amenities that Spokane has to offer, you’ll need some good weather. Fortunately, Spokane summers are warm, dry and mostly clear. There are about 171 sunny days per year, giving bikers ample time to enjoy the scenic trails. If winter activities are more your scene, then you can look forward to cold and snowy conditions for most winter months.

The warmer months are from May to October while December and January usually have the coldest temperatures. For the most part, the area experiences about 17 inches of rain annually and about 48 inches of snow during the winter. Since many of the trails are open year-round, it’s crucial to check the weather before planning a day outdoors.

Average Temperature by Months and Seasons

Month Average Temperature
January 31°F
February 34°F
March 41°F
April 48°F
May 56°F
June 63°F
July 71°F
August 70°F
September 61°F
October 49°F
November 38°F
December 30°F


Another positive feature of Spokane is that it has a very advanced and extensive public transport system. Keep in mind that while the services are reliable, there may be crowds in peak times. It’s a good idea to plan your route to avoid peak times.

Since the bus plaza is centrally located you can easily reach anywhere you need to go. Hotels, shopping, restaurants, parks and entertainment venues are also within walking distance from downtown Spokane.

Bike trails are easily accessible and clearly marked. Since the best bike trails are inside recreational parks, there’s no need to worry about the bustling traffic that can sometimes overwhelm the city’s streets. 

Sights and Landmarks in Spokane Washington

Many first-time visitors to Spokane can hardly believe that it’s situated in Washington. This is because its outdoor activities and evergreen scenic landscapes make it a far cry from other Washington cities. That said, there isn’t a shortage of places to visit and things to do in the area.

Some of the fun things to do in Spokane include the following:

  • The Spokane Falls: Situated in the Riverfront Park, Spokane Falls is a gorgeous piece of nature within walking distance from the downtown area. Gondola cars are a terrific way to view the falls. If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram updates, be sure to capture a few pics of yourself at the falls!
  • Dick’s Hamburgers: Anyone living in Spokane will tell you that Dick’s Hamburgers has been an iconic staple in the area since 1965. Despite being low-cost, the burgers are a tasty and nostalgic way to enjoy a bit of old Spokane.
  • The Green Bluff: If you want to do something totally off the beaten path, you may want to consider a trip to The Green Bluff. Founded in 1902, The Green Bluff is a prime location to pick strawberries, fresh produce and pumpkins and even get the perfect Christmas tree. As this is a very popular destination, it’s important to get there early if you want to avoid crowds.
  • Mt. Spokane: If you’re going to spend any wintertime in Spokane, you’ll be excited to learn that Mt. Spokane provides epic skiing and snowboarding for every age and skill set. There’s also a comprehensive ski school that will give you a few lessons before you hit the slopes. Ski season starts in November and lasts until April, depending on the weather.

FAQ About Trails in Spokane Washington

Where can I go mountain biking in Spokane?

Fortunately, visitors to the area don’t have to look very far for a challenging and adventurous bike trail. Spokane is home to about 61 scenic trails, giving beginner and advanced riders plenty of choices. The three top mountain biking locations that each have several trails to choose from are:

  • Mica Peak Conservation Area
  • Mount Spokane State Park
  • Beacon Hill

What is the longest biking trail in Spokane?

Currently, the longest bike trail in Spokane is the West Spokane to Queen Lucas via Fish Lake Trail. With a distance of 11 miles and an elevation gain of 127 m, it provides an exciting ride. It’s a moderately challenging route that takes about 3 hours to complete.

Which biking trail has the most elevation gain in Spokane?

With an ascent of 169 m, the Children of the Sun Trail has the highest elevation of all the trails in the greater Spokane area. Considered by many to be an easy route, the 7-mile route takes about 2 hours to complete.