Mountain Bike Trails in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a truly exciting biking adventure, then the extensive Chattanooga trails are definitely worth your time. Whether you’re in the mood for some mild urban cruising, long-distance road biking or even some serious singletrack trail riding, you’ll find something for everyone in this busy little Tennessee city. Chattanooga is more popularly known for hosting several of the most prominent cycling events every year. The most impressive of these is the IRONMAN Chattanooga and the Five Points 50. An added plus point is that you don’t even have to own a bike to take part because one-day bike rentals are available. With a range of different cycling opportunities on offer, you can easily add Chattanooga to your list of must-visit trails.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Enterprise South CCW loop is a collection of three interconnected trails with increasing difficulty levels. It's also one of the most unique trails since the direction
9.5 mi
Tesla's Revenge is a challenging, gritty, technical, and fun ride that combines a few of the Raccoon Mountain trails with a huge descent at the end. It's a great option for
19.2 mi
The Guild Trails are the perfect out-and-back trails for a beginner cyclist or a more advanced rider looking to take a relaxed and scenic ride. It passes through several
18.2 mi
For those who want tons of excitement in a short loop, the High Voltage/Live Wire loop is it. It takes you down one of the most exciting descents in the area and is naturally
13.3 mi
Are you looking for an adventurous cycling trail for your next family trip? Look no further than Lula Lake Land Trust Trails. With nearly six miles of trails and magnificent
6.1 mi
OverviewA haven for both beginners and seasoned cyclists, Booker T. Trail in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is an inviting 8-mile point-to-point route along the riverside. With its
8 mi
Overview:Nestled in the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this trail system is a delightful surprise for bikers of all skill levels. Offering four distinct loop trails, each
10 mi
Quick FactsDistance: 4 milesDifficulty Level: Very EasyRoute Type: LoopLocation: Chattanooga, TennesseeOverviewNestled in the scenic 1,200-acre Harrison Bay State Park, this
4 mi
Quick FactsDistance: 5 milesDifficulty Level: Very EasyRoute Type: Point to pointLocation: Chattanooga, TennesseeOverviewIf you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path biking
5 mi
A Stacked Loop System Near ChattanoogaNested near Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Raccoon Mountain Bike Trail System is a haven for cyclists of all stripes. Offering a stacked
24 mi

Chattanooga, Tennessee: Area Description

Anyone who has ever been to Chattanooga will agree—it’s one of the more exquisite destinations in the greater Tennessee area. Surrounded by the Cumberland Plateau mountains and the winding Tennessee River, Chattanooga is a quick two-hour drive from Knoxville, Birmingham and Nashville.

With its scenic landscapes and spacious green parks, it’s the perfect place for anything remotely outdoorsy. In addition to offering some of the more adventurous trails, visitors can expect to find ideal locations for bass fishing, mountain climbing and even cave exploration. Since the downtown area rests at an elevation of about 676 ft, it forms one of the lowest elevations in East Tennessee.

Land area 388.70 km²
Minimum Elevation -
Maximum Elevation 676 ft

Demographics of Chattanooga

With an average population of 182 113, Chattanooga is classified as Tennessee’s fourth largest city and was named one of the top 100 Best Places to Live in 2019. Living in Chattanooga is 17.4% cheaper than it would be to live in Nashville and 2% less expensive than in Knoxville.

With utility prices 12% lower than the national average and transportation costs an impressive 9% cheaper, it’s easy to see why it’s fast becoming a popular city. Moreover, grocery prices are also reported to be 1% lower and healthcare is 3% less than the national average. 

Total population 182 113 (2021)
Population density 1,272.19/mi²

Climate of Chattanooga

Chattanooga is known for its sub-tropical temperatures. Summers are hot and muggy while winters are generally very cold, wet and fortunately quite short. Snowfall in the area varies from year to year with an average rainfall of 52 inches per annum. Cyclists should take note that July usually sees a high amount of thunderstorm activity.

Recent years have also seen some tornadoes that caused considerable damage to the city and surrounding areas. While the trails are open all year round, it’s always recommended to take extra precautions during the rainy season.

For the most part May to October are the warmest months and make the best time for outdoor activities and it’s the time of year you’ll see fellow cyclists blazing up the trails!

Average Temperature by Months and Seasons

Month Average Temperature
January 40°F
February 44°F
March 52°F
April 61°F
May 68°F
June 76°F
July 79°F
August 78°F
September 72°F
October 61°F
November 51°F
December 43°F

Infrastructure of Chattanooga Tennessee

As a transit hub, Chattanooga is served by many interstate highways and several railroad lines. The Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority has 19 bus routes that stretch to the Tennessee-Georgia border.

There are also park & ride lots and parking garages where cyclists can leave their vehicles while they’re on the trails. Bike trails are easily identified and quick and simple to get onto from the main paths. Trail maps with descriptions and local highlights are readily available.

Sights and Landmarks in Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. With access to rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, hang gliding and white water rafting there’s no shortage of things to do. Fantastic parks and green spaces offer ample picnic spots to enjoy after a day on the trails.

Some of the more prominent family-friendly things to do in the Chattanooga area include the following:

  • Southern Belle Riverboat: A local boat tour offers dining and sightseeing cruises on the Tennessee River.
  • Creative Discovery Museum: The kids will love this nationally-ranked children’s museum that contains a huge range of fun, hands-on activities.
  • The Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park: A 13-acre zoo educates children of all ages about local animal care and general conservation.
  • Tennessee Aquarium: For families interested in all things oceanic, the Tennessee Aquarium is home to about 10,000 species of marine animals which promises to be a treat for families of all ages.
  • Regan’s Place: After a day in the outdoors, you may want to stop by Chattanooga’s premier retro dance bar that features hit music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.
  • Westbound Bar: As an upscale western-style bar, this hang-out is well known for its cold beer, good music and late-night dance lessons.
  • Houston Museum of Decorative Arts: This quaint little Victorian museum boasts a unique collection of about 15,000 different pieces of decorated art glass and a range of Victorian-style furniture dating back to the 1900s.

FAQ About Trails in Chattanooga Tennessee

What are the best bike trails in Chattanooga?

With more than 11 trails covering a space of about 62 miles, you’re guaranteed to find the trail that exceeds your expectations. Some of the more prominent trails include the following:

  • Enterprise South CCW
  • Tesla’s Revenge
  • Guild Trails

What is the longest bike trail in Chattanooga?

At 21,7 km, the Raccoon Mountain Reservoir Loop is the longest in the area and has an elevation gain of 431 m. It takes about 5 hours and 19 minutes to complete, depending on how often to stop to enjoy the scenery! The High Voltage Trail is 13, 0 km long and takes just over 3 hours to complete.

Are the bike trails open in the cooler winter months?

For the most part, the moderate climate makes cycling all year round possible. It’s a good idea to check the expected rainfall before each ride.