Mountain Bike Trails near Tucson, Arizona

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Tucson, Arizona

Picture yourself as a trailblazer embarking on a daring journey across a rugged and awe-inspiring landscape. That's the kind of adventure that awaits you on the Golder Ranch.
19 mi
Are you ready to hit the dirt and feel the rush of adrenaline as you conquer an exciting mountain biking trail? Look no further than Sweetwater Preserve in Tucson, Arizona.
13 mi
Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, lies the thrilling Fantasy Island biking trail - a playground for adventurous mountain bikers. It's like a secret hideout maintained
19 km
If you are an experienced mountain biker searching for the perfect trail to test your skills in Arizona, then the Milagrossa is the place to be. Amazingly, the trail is
20 mi
Arizona is an amazing place to go mountain biking, and Tucson Mountain Park is one of the numerous mountain biking trails that make such possible. The trail offers a fun and
100 mi