Mountain Bike Trails in Arizona

Arizona is one of the best places to go mountain biking in the US because of its multiple attractive geographical features and sightings. The Sedona, Mt Lemmon’s downhill tracks and the built trails in Phoenix are some of the biking spots worth exploring. The beautiful sightings in Sedona, Phoenix and Tucson will blow your mind as well. Many people do not know that Arizona is home to more than 3000 bike trails. You can do up 5629 miles if you are up to exploring all the trails.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Arizona

The Phoenix Sonoran Preserve North/South Loop is a mostly easy trail that should be thoroughly enjoyable for most, including novice riders. There is an optional
11.55 mi
The Sonoran Desert Loop is perfect for anyone who wants a great workout and a bit of excitement without the risks of a highly technical trail. It’s, however, a multi-use
13.35 mi
The BCT Table Mesa to Black Canyon City is one of the most technical trails in the area despite not having many hairpins turns or bumps in the road. There’s lots of elevation,
12.48 mi
Trail 100 is a hidden gem for riders who want to experience everything in a single trail. It has climbs, descents, technical sections that will have your heart thumping, and
21.18 mi
The Figure 8 is part of the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve network of bike trails and, as implied by the name, is a looped trail that draws the number 8 on a map. It’s short
6.08 mi
Picture yourself as a trailblazer embarking on a daring journey across a rugged and awe-inspiring landscape. That's the kind of adventure that awaits you on the Golder Ranch.
19 mi
Are you ready to hit the dirt and feel the rush of adrenaline as you conquer an exciting mountain biking trail? Look no further than Sweetwater Preserve in Tucson, Arizona.
13 mi
Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, lies the thrilling Fantasy Island biking trail - a playground for adventurous mountain bikers. It's like a secret hideout maintained
19 km
If you are an experienced mountain biker searching for the perfect trail to test your skills in Arizona, then the Milagrossa is the place to be. Amazingly, the trail is
20 mi
Arizona is an amazing place to go mountain biking, and Tucson Mountain Park is one of the numerous mountain biking trails that make such possible. The trail offers a fun and
100 mi

Arizona: Area Description

Nestled in the southwestern United States, Arizona boasts a diverse and breathtaking geography that includes dramatic canyons, towering mountains, vast deserts, and vibrant rivers.

Geography of Arizona

Arizona is one of United States’ four corner states. It is the sixth largest state and is located in the Southwestern end of the country. 15% of the state’s total land area is owned privately and the rest is state trust land, public forest, and Native American reservations.

Arizona is popular for the Colorado plateau, mesas, high mountains and its 24 national parks. The state’s southern parts is a desert basin covered with xerophyte plants like cactus. The north-central part is the Colorado plateau, which is covered with pine.

Land area 113,998 mi²
Max elevation 12,044 ft
Min elevation -7 ft

Demographics of Arizona

Arizona is one the largest populated states in the U.S. Of the entire 7.276 million people, 4.7 million reside in metropolitan Phoenix and about 1 million in Tucson. This means that metropolitan Phoenix alone has two-thirds of the state’s total population.

58% of the population speaks English at home. Among the 48 contiguous states, Arizona is known to have the largest number of Native American Language speakers. Over 85,000 people speak Navajo. Spanish is the top non-English language spoken by the population.

Total population 7.276 million
Population density 63/ mi²

Climate of Arizona

As it is a large area with different elevations, Arizona has the widest variation of localized climate conditions. The climate is mostly desert-like with super-hot summers and mild winters. November to February are the coldest months with temperatures as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit and occasional frosts.

Summers in Arizona can be blistering hot with temperatures as high as 125 degrees Fahrenheit. June to September are the hottest months. The rainy season is between July and August and is characterized by brief downpours, lightning, thunderstorms and win. Sometimes torrential downpours cause flash floods, so you have to be careful when riding in this season.

Since summers in Arizona are too hot, the best time to go mountain biking in the State is in early spring, during winter or late fall. Although the winters are mild, some place like Prescott and Flagstaff snow. You best check the weather forecast when planning for a riding adventure. The best news is that one place may be covered in snow and a few miles away you could get a warm and sunny Singletrack.

Average temperature by months

HIGH PHOENIX Tucson Flagstaff
JAN 67°F 66°F 43°F
FEB 71°F 70°F 46°F
MAR 78°F 76°F 52°F
APR 86°F 83°F 59°F
MAY 95°F 92°F 68°F
JUN 104°F 100°F 78°F
JUL 106°F 100°F 80°F
AUG 104°F 97°F 77°F
SEP 99°F 94°F 72°F
OCT 88°F 85°F 62°F
NOV 75°F 74°F 51°F
DEC 66°F 66°F 43°F


OW PHOENIX Tucson Flagstaff
JAN 46°F 42°F 20°F
FEB 49°F 45°F 22°F
MAR 54°F 49°F 26°F
APR 61°F 55°F 31°F
MAY 70°F 63°F 37°F
JUN 79°F 72°F 45°F
JUL 85°F 77°F 53°F
AUG 84°F 75°F 52°F
SEP 77°F 70°F 44°F
OCT 65°F 60°F 34°F
NOV 53°F 49°F 26°F
DEC 46°F 43°F 20°F

Infrastructure in Arizona

Arizona has solid infrastructure. Phoenix and Tucson have complex state highways and bus transit systems. There is also a light rail system that connects Phoenix with other nearby cities like Messa. You can easily move from one city to another by train or road.

Except for the hundreds of trails that make Arizona a cycling haven for serious riders, the cities’ biking infrastructure is not extra-ordinary. Tucson is the most bikeable city with up to 135 mile car-free bike paths. The Chuck Huckelberry Tucson Loop is rated the number one bike trail in America by media outlets and top biking magazines. Phoenix comes close with various scenic bike paths for cross-country and mountain biking.

Sights and Landmarks in Arizona

The grandest landmark in Arizona that you shouldn’t miss is the Grand Canyon on the Colorado plateau. Other on and off-the-bike must-see landmarks include;

  • Monument valley
  • Antelope canyon
  • Horseshoe bend (In Grand Canyon National Recreation Area)
  • Cathedral rock in Sedona

Mountain biking in Arizona is an unmatched and underrated adventure. Many people have experience riding in Sedona but have not explored the beauty in Tucson, Phoenix and Black Canyon Trail. All the trails have stunning scenery and landscape. You can pedal through blooming desert landscapes on the famous Sonoran Preserve North/South loop and stop to take in the beauty of towering red rock bluffs. The Sonoran Preserve has a stunning landscape and a lush cacti forest that is home to various wildlife like coyotes, Gila monster, tarantulas and tortoises. Moreover, if you visit the conservancy during the Tour de Scottsdale you can participate in the biking event that entails going round the 70-mile conservancy.

You can also ride from Table Mesa to Black Canyon and enjoy the desert landscape covered with cacti.


Which is the best mountain biking trail in Phoenix?

The full Trail 100 from Tatum to 7th Ave is a great out-and-back in the heart of Metropolitan Phoenix. It has enough technical features to wear you out and is adequately long with plenty of moderate sections for intermediate riders.

Is there a beginner-friendly trail through Sonoran desert?

Figure 8, also known as the Great horned out trail is a Singletrack through Sonoran desert. Although it is rated intermediate, most of the trail’s sections are easy or moderate.

Can I ride a bike in Arizona during winter?

Arizona is a mountain biking paradise during winter because of the favorable lower temperatures and dry conditions. Trails like ‘Trail-100’ get crowded during winter holidays because many bikers like to take advantage of the favorable climate. Instead of swapping your bike for a ski or snowboard this winter, bring your bike to Arizona and explore the different mountain biking trails.

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