Men’s vs Women’s Bike: Why and How Male and Female Bikes Different?

This article explains the difference between a man's bike and a woman's bike and provides you with the necessary info you need to get your perfect bike.
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Last updated: August 27, 2023
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Biking is undeniably an enjoyable activity. Aside from fetching numerous healthy benefits, it’s also a simple and eco-friendly way to move around. Nevertheless, when it comes to finding the bike that will serve you best, it’s important that you put a few things into cognizance, and this is why this article on men’s vs women’s bikes is here to guide you in choosing the perfect bike for you. 

The truth is that it isn’t a simple task to get a bike that suits your body type and meets your needs. Maybe you’re a seasoned cyclist with lots of bikes, or you want to buy your first bike. Your knowledge of the difference between male and female bikes can greatly help you choose the most suitable bike for you; amidst the plentiful choices that are often on the ever-evolving market. 

Are Women’s Bikes Specific?

Men's vs Women's Bike: Why and How Male and Female Bikes Different?
The women’s bike like the Micargi Touch Beach Cruiser is designed to provide maximum comfort and turn heads with its classic great look.

Women’s bikes have experienced growth and re-branding throughout the years. From having a more feminine look to improved quality, these bikes have recorded a worthwhile upgrade. When it comes to spec quality and overall bike performance, they can be quite similar to guys’ bikes, and this is one of the reasons why the peculiarities between men’s and women’s bikes aren’t too noticeable. 

However, the thing about women’s bikes is that they’re not necessarily manufactured to be ridden by women alone, and the Micargi Women’s Touch Beach Cruiser is a great example of one of the finest women’s bikes you’ll find on the market for it boasts a simple and stylish design, Shimano nexus coaster brakes, and comfy wide cruiser seat. 

Are Men’s Bikes for Everyone?

These days, when you want to buy a bike, you’re often faced with the option of getting a unisex bike, a man’s bike, or a woman’s bike. And, a lot of people do not seem to know the difference between these three. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that men’s bikes and women’s bikes have their sheer difference, and most of these models are carefully designed to meet people’s respective needs.

From advanced mountain bikes to simple cruisers, there’s an array of bikes for guys and women to make their choice from, and the Micargi Men’s Slugo SS 7SP is one of the quality men’s bikes recommended by user reviews because of its smooth ride and firm grip. 

To answer the question of whether men’s bikes are universal, the choice is what comes to play here because a number of people prefer to get a bike they feel connected to. And, other people choose to get a bike that will suit their gender well. But, can women ride men’s bikes? You’ll find your answer to this very soon. Just keep reading.  

What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Bikes?

Generally, it’s not that hard to determine whether a bike is for males or females. Although men’s bikes are known to be generally larger, there are different sizes, colors, and shapes available for both men’s and women’s bikes, and there’s always the unisex bikes option too. However, before you go ahead to make your choice, whether you’re a man and you feel getting a woman’s bike wouldn’t be a bad idea or vice versa, here are a few disparities you should take note of. 


Men's vs Women's Bike: Why and How Male and Female Bikes Different?
Men’s bikes are usually dark tones, while women’s bike manufacturers often use bright colors.

When it comes to design, a lot of things come into play. Foremost, you may find it interesting to know that not all women’s bikes come in pink or flashy colors, and neither are men’s bikes always in specific colors.

Still, it’s also exciting to know that many women’s road bikes come in charming colors, which is a plus for women who prefer to stick to women’s bikes. As for the women’s bike design vs. men’s design in general, it’s safe to say that women’s design focuses more on providing optimum comfort, and most guys’ bikes are crafted to feature a sturdier look. 


The first thing you should know about stem is that it is likely to be switched before leaving the shop. Yet, most guys prefer to raise the height of the handlebars by asking for a longer stem, but this isn’t usually the same for most women. 


Compared to men’s bikes, women’s bikes are crafted to provide easier and better reach to the handlebars. This is simply because most women tend to have short torsos. 


Females’ bicycles do have an average crank length of 6.5 inches, but it’s 6.7 inches for the males’ counterparts. Women can easily reach the bottom of their pedal stroke with the shorter crank length, and the longer length is designed to fit men’s longer legs. 

Frame Structure

While many ladies’ vs men’s bikes have different structures, many don’t have any notable differences in structure. Nevertheless, for those with distinct frame structures, the frame’s top tube is often affected by the structural difference between male and female bicycles. The handlebars are connected to the seat by the top tube, and you can notice the bar between your legs while you’re cycling Trusted Source Health benefits of cycling: A systematic review | ResearchGate | Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports The purpose of this study was to update the evidence on the health benefits of cycling. .

When it comes to men’s vs. women’s bike frames, this bar is often parallel to the ground on men’s bikes. But note that on a female’s bike, it’s specially designed to ensure that mounting the bike doesn’t prove difficult as it’s slanted down towards the seat. 

Frame Length

Men’s vs women’s bike frames are the main characteristic that differentiate them from each other. Because the average woman has a shorter torso and arms, men’s bikes have a longer top tube while women’s tend to be shorter. As for the women’s bike frame vs. men’s, many women’s bikes are designed for casual riding, and to provide easy reach, the handlebars and the seat’s distance are reduced by the shorter top tube. 

Nevertheless, you may not want to purchase a bike with a slanted top tube if you’re a guy, and you won’t love to be seen riding a girl’s bike, so to say. Still, regardless of the bike you purchase, make sure that your back is not so scrunched up Trusted Source Weight loss: The best posture to ride a cycle | Entertainments Times Balancing is undoubtedly important when riding a bike. If you have mastered the skill of balancing, you don’t pay too much attention to other aspects of cycling. and it’s easy for you to reach the handlebars. 

Seat Shape

If you’ll be going for longer rides, it’s best that your bike has a seat type that suits your gender so that you can enjoy more comfort during your long rides, but this wouldn’t matter too much if you want to be using your bike for a short commute down the street. Several cheaper brands often use unisex saddles, but quality unisex seats are designed to relieve perineum pressure with the space created between the two sides. And, the Micargi Relaxed Unisex Beach Cruiser Saddle is a great example of a quality unisex saddle to go for. 

Men's vs Women's Bike: Why and How Male and Female Bikes Different?
Women’s saddles are wider and shorter, while men’s saddles are long and narrow.

However, when it comes to men’s vs. women’s bike seats or women’s bike saddles vs. men’s, note that a longer, narrow seat is common with men’s bikes, and women’s bikes do promote comfortable sitting for the bones with a wider seat to fit the pelvis. Be that as it may, you can still enjoy more comfort by getting a nice and reliable suspension seat post.

Handlebars and Grips

The handlebars usually directly reflect the difference between male and female bikes because a common bodily difference to reckon with is the shoulder width. On men’s vs. women’s mountain bikes or women’s vs. men’s road bikes, there’s often a conspicuous difference in the handlebars. 

Females’ bicycle handlebars are designed to accommodate narrower shoulders, and they’re usually between 38 and 40 centimeters, while the males’ counterparts are between 42 and 44 centimeters wide and are usually wider. You can even get a quality front bike rack to complement your bike further, whether you use your bike for commuting or touring. 

Brake Levers

If you’re a cyclist, you’ll know how important a brake is on a bike. Males’ bicycles have wider brakes for larger hands, and on the other hand, women’s bikes are perceived to be often ridden by smaller hands, which explains why the brake levers are made smaller. 

Men’s vs. Women’s Bikes: Quick Overview

The differences between women’s and men’s bikes are quite notable, but there are also some little disparities you may not find very glaring if you do not take a closer look. 

Men’s Bike Women’s Bike
Wider frame  Smaller frame 
Longer top tube  Shorter top tube 
Horizontal top tube/Crossbar  Step-through frame
Relatively high seat post  Relatively low seat post 
Wider grips  Shorter and narrower handlebar
Wider brake levers Smaller brake levers 
Longer crank length  Shorter crank length  


Can Women Ride Men’s Bikes and Vice Versa?

Yes, of course. There’s absolutely no shame in a lady riding a man’s bike or a guy riding a lady’s bike. You can see men on a women’s bike or vice versa and if it suits their body shape and size better and will give them more comfort, then why not?

Are There Unisex Bikes on the Market?

Yes. There are great unisex bikes on the market, and you’ll be spoilt with options to choose from. 

What Are the Similarities Between Men’s and Women’s Bikes?

There aren’t many notable similarities between men’s and women’s bikes. 

Are There the Same Differences Between Boys’ vs Girls’ Bikes?

Girls’ and boys’ bikes are frequently unisex. Sometimes, they may differ in frame sizes, handlebars, saddle shapes, and colors.

What Is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Mountain Bikes?

There are no additional differences between these two except for those mentioned above (frames, handlebars, and saddle shapes).

Final Thoughts 

To some people, bikes are just bikes, and others are very particular about their rides. The truth of the matter is that it can be a little bit difficult to tell the difference between men’s and women’s bikes when you take a simple glance, and this is simply because men’s bikes aren’t made to be very obvious as manly type, and neither are all women’s bike designed to be frilly and hot pink. 

Nevertheless, you’ll get to know that these bikes are carefully carved to meet the needs of their respective designated gender when you spot the minor differences by taking a closer look at them both. And, we hope this article on men’s vs. women’s bike has helped greatly in highlighting these differences!


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The purpose of this study was to update the evidence on the health benefits of cycling.
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Balancing is undoubtedly important when riding a bike. If you have mastered the skill of balancing, you don’t pay too much attention to other aspects of cycling.

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