Mountain Bike Trails near Seattle, Washington

If you're looking for some epic mountain biking action, then Seattle is where it's at! The Emerald City is famous for its jaw-dropping scenery and adrenaline-pumping activities. And mountain biking is no exception. With trails that cater to all skill levels, Seattle is a prime destination for bikers of all stripes. From gentle slopes to heart-pumping climbs and thrilling descents, Seattle's trails offer a diverse range of terrains to explore. So, grab your helmet, and let's dive into some of the best mountain bike trails near/in Seattle that you simply can't miss!

Best Mountain Bikie Trails near Seattle, Washington

Duthie Hill Trail is an impressive biking trail located in Issaquah, Washington. This trail spans over 120 acres and offers a variety of trails for riders of all experience
8 mi
The Port Gamble Trail offers one of the most enjoyable riding experiences in Washington. This popular trail is located in Kitsap County, Washington. The 9-mile track is great
9 mi
Mountain bikers who live in urban centres may find it tiring to drive miles to find the perfect biking spot. With the I-5 Colonnade Mountain Bike Park, riders can have a
1 mi
If you are ever searching for an open trail to ride at your pace and enjoy the beauty of nature, then Banner Forest is just the place for you. This amazing trail combines
20 mi
Bikers are often fascinated with relatively complex trails which test their riding skills. The Lake Sawyer Trail is a good place to try your biking prowess, as its ancient
15 mi

Seattle, Washington: Area Description

Here are three of the best mountain bike trails near/in Seattle that you don't want to miss.

1.   Tiger Mountain

If you're looking for some gnarly mountain biking near Seattle, look no further than Tiger Mountain. This place has got it all: miles of singletrack trails, breathtaking views, and enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

Located just 40 minutes from downtown Seattle, Tiger Mountain offers a true escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The trail system is well-maintained and boasts over 15 miles of trails that cater to all skill levels. From mellow beginner trails to expert-only lines, there's something for everyone at Tiger Mountain.

One of the best things about Tiger Mountain is the sheer amount of elevation gain available. The mountain offers a variety of climbs that will challenge even the most seasoned rider. But don't worry. The descents are just as epic. With plenty of berms, jumps, and technical features, you'll be grinning from ear to ear as you rip down the trails.

And let's not forget about the views. From the top of Tiger Mountain, you'll have panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and forests. It's a true Pacific Northwest experience that's not to be missed.

But be warned: Tiger Mountain is a popular destination for hikers and horseback riders, so follow proper trail etiquette. And make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks, as the trails can be challenging and will work up an appetite.

2.   Duthie Hill

Located in Issaquah, just a 30-minute drive from Seattle, Duthie Hill is a mountain biking paradise that attracts riders of all levels. The trail system spans over 120 acres of forested land, offering riders more than 16 miles of singletrack trails that cater to every skill level. From steep technical descents to smooth and flowy berms, Duthie Hill has it all.

The trail system is designed and maintained by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving mountain biking in Washington. With its unique features, like the pump tracks, slopestyle courses, and jump lines, Duthie Hill has something for everyone.

The park suits riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. The park also has a skills park perfect for practicing your riding skills before hitting the trails.

3.   Grand Ridge

Located just a short drive from Seattle, Grand Ridge is a stunning mountain biking trail that should be on every rider's bucket list. Grand Ridge is located in Issaquah, just 24 minutes east of Seattle. This trail system offers over 12 miles of well-maintained singletrack, with a mix of flowing sections, technical terrain, and challenging climbs.

But what really sets Grand Ridge apart is its scenery. The trail winds through lush forests, past sparkling creeks and streams, and even offers stunning views of the Cascade Mountains on clear days. It's the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

While the trail is accessible year-round, the best time to ride Grand Ridge is in the summer months, when the trail is dry and the conditions are ideal. And with plenty of parking and easy access from I-90, it's a convenient and popular spot for riders of all skill levels.

The ridge offers over 10 miles of trails that are well-suited for mountain bikers. The trails are well-maintained and offer a variety of features, including technical climbs and fast descents. The trails are suitable for riders of all levels, but some of the more technical trails are better suited for experienced riders.

Guide to Biking In or Near Seattle

Get ready to hit the trails! Our guide to biking in or near Seattle offers everything you need to know about Seattle and the sights, infrastructure, and climate of the city ahead of your next ride.

What's the Geography of Seattle Like?

Land area (sq. m; sq. km) 83.9 square miles; 217.5 square kilometers
Minimum Elevation 0 ft (0 m)
Maximum Elevation 175 ft (53 m)

The total land area of Seattle is approximately 217.5 square kilometers (83.9 square miles).

Seattle is primarily characterized by a mild, marine climate and is located on the Pacific coast, bordered by the Puget Sound to the west and Lake Washington to the east. As a result, the landscape around Seattle is predominantly forested, with a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees.

Cyclists in Seattle can expect to encounter a variety of landscapes on their rides, including lush forests, rolling hills, and even some mountainous terrain in the surrounding areas. While there are no deserts in the immediate vicinity of Seattle, the eastern part of Washington state does have arid, desert-like regions.

Demographics of  Seattle

Total population (thousands, million) 725,487
Population density (persons per sq. km) 8,651 people per square mile

As of 2023, the estimated population of Seattle is around 725,487 people, making it the largest city in the state of Washington and the 18th largest in the United States. The population density of Seattle is around 5,392 people per square kilometer, which is relatively high compared to other cities in the United States.

Seattle is known for its diverse population, with a mix of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The city has a large Asian population, with Chinese, Filipino, and Vietnamese being some of the most common ethnic groups.

What's the Climate of Seattle Like?

Here is a table of the average temperatures in Seattle by month:

Month Average Temperature (°F)
January 48
February 43
March 44
April 47
May 58
June 62
July 67
August 67
September 62
October 57
November 51
December 47

Seattle has a temperate marine climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year. Winters are relatively mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing, while summers are comfortable and mild, with average temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s °F (around 20-22 °C).

The city receives a moderate amount of rainfall, particularly in the fall and winter months, but is also known for its occasional sunny and dry periods in the summer, which locals affectionately call "Seattle's summer."

Which time of the year is best for biking in Seattle?

The best time for biking in Seattle is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is mild and dry.

Seattle has many family-friendly biking trails, and there are also some trails suitable for winter biking, although they may require additional preparation and caution due to colder and wetter conditions.

Infrastructures in the City

Seattle has an extensive public transportation system, including buses that provide access to many popular biking trails. There are also various facilities for the convenience of cyclists, including bike racks on buses, bike lanes, and bike parking stations.

Some popular hotels include the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle and the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, while gas stations and cafes can be found along major roadways and in popular neighborhoods.

Sights and Landmarks in Seattle

While mountain biking in Seattle, cyclists may encounter many famous landmarks and sights. One popular destination is the Space Needle, an iconic tower that offers stunning panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas.

Another notable landmark is Pike Place Market, a historic public market that features fresh seafood, local produce, and unique crafts and gifts. Cyclists may also pass through the Olympic Sculpture Park, a 9-acre park that features large-scale sculptures and breathtaking views of the Puget Sound.

For those looking for a more natural setting, the Burke-Gilman Trail is a popular biking trail that runs alongside Lake Washington and offers scenic views of the water and surrounding forests.

FAQ about trails in Seattle

Are the mountain biking trails in Seattle open year-round?

Many of the mountain biking trails in Seattle are open year-round. But some may be closed or have limited access during the winter months due to snow and ice. It's best to check trail conditions before heading out.

What is the longest bike trail near Seattle?

Burke-Gilman Trail is the longest bike trail near Seattle. The trail spans over 27 miles from Golden Gardens Park in Seattle to the city of Bothell. The trail is a popular route for commuters and recreational riders, with scenic views of Lake Washington, Lake Union, and the Seattle skyline. The trail is mostly flat, with a few slight inclines, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

What is the most scenic mountain biking trail in Seattle?

A: Seattle has many scenic mountain biking trails, but one of the most popular is the East Tiger Summit Trail. This challenging trail offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests, with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife along the way. It's best to tackle this trail during the summer months when the weather is mild and dry.