Mountain Bike Trails in Florida

Florida is a great vacation spot due to its warm year-round weather, lush greenery, and great beaches. The only thing that would make it better for mountain bikers is if you could explore it on a bicycle. Well, it turns out you can, with many different trail terrains, to match most mountain bikers' needs.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Florida

The West Cadillac Trail is one of the more challenging MTB trails for those exploring the Lafayette Heritage Park trail system. Despite Florida not being known for being
1.3 mi
The Rollercoaster trail at Alafia River State Park caters well to the family since, despite being an intermediate-level trail, there are ways to opt out of some of the jumps
2.1 mi
If you are looking for a peaceful and calm trail to ride your bike, then the Cecil Field Recreational Trail is the best option. If you stay around Jacksonville, Florida, it's
3.8 mi
The South Trail at the J R Alford Greenway is one of two mountain bike-only trails at the park. While you can ride most of the others, including options like the Wiregrass
1.8 mi
The Eagle trail is one of those trails you go to when you need a short, chill ride away from the sun. It’s mostly shaded with a boardwalk and shell rock path. There are also
0.6 mi
Trails are becoming a big thing in America, as there are the best places for bike riders, hikers, walkers, and commuters to go through. There are many in Florida, and
20 mi
The Longleaf trail is one of the latest singletrack additions to the J R Alford Greenway, having been opened in 2020. Leon County hadn’t given the trail an official name when
2.54 mi
Described by some as the most fun trail in Florida, Ridgeline certainly lives up to its reputation. It’s rated as difficult terrain, so it’s not for everybody. However, unlike
2 mi
There are many exciting trails in Florida where bike and horseback riders can ride and individuals can walk through, but the Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail is one of the most
14.5 mi
The Balm Boyette Scrub preserve is one of the best-hidden gems for riders who like a challenge. You can do all-day riding here, starting at multiple points and ending up
20 mi

Florida: Area Description

Florida can mainly be divided into two geographical sections. These are the coastal lowlands, given that it's sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and the highlands in the interior.

That said, the interior highlands aren't very high, with the highest elevation being 345 ft above sea level. This means that overall, there aren't many hills or mountains to climb, and if you enjoy fast, exciting descents, you will miss out while visiting Florida.

Fortunately for Florida, there's plenty of rain each year, allowing plenty of trees and forests to grow in the state. The roots help add a bit of difficulty and excitement to the trails.

Land area (sq. m; sq. km) 170,312 km2
Minimum Elevation  100 ft
Maximum Elevation  345 ft

Demographics of  Florida

Regarding Florida's Demographics, the state has one of the older populations in the country, with the median age being 42.2 years. For context, the oldest state is Maine, with a median age of 44.8.

The general population in the state turns to water sports, going to museums, and shopping for fun. The state also has a healthy bike culture, with people using bicycles for commuting and fun on the weekend.

However, it's also a rather deadly state for cyclists, with about 18 people on average being involved in a bicycle accident daily.

On the bright side, this means that people in the state take things like fitness and health fairly seriously. On the other hand, a high population of bike riders means crowded bike trails.

You can get around this by going in the early morning on a weekday while people are going to work. However, you'd need to be on vacation or have flexible working hours to pull this off.

Total population (thousands, million) 22,244,823
Population density (persons per sq. km) 160/km2

Climate of Florida

While Florida is a huge land mass, there are hardly any deviations in climate due to the minimal differences in altitude. After all, the highest and lowest elevation points are only a few hundred feet apart.

This is because there are no mountains in Florida, although there are a few hills like Britton Hill, Oak Hill, and Falling Water Hill. There's also the High Hill which ironically has an elevation of only 323 feet.

Ultimately, the temperatures stay in the 59°F to 83°F range, which is fairly warm throughout the year. Also, while it can snow, it only happens rarely.

Florida's rainy season runs from mid-May to late October, with 54 inches of rainfall expected yearly. However, it can also rain occasionally during the rest of the year.

Average Temperature by Months and Seasons

Month Average Temperature
January 59.3
February  62.1
March 66.0
April  71.1
May  76.7
June  81.0
July 82.6
August 82.6
September 80.6
October  74.7
November  67.0
December 62.0


In addition to having bike-friendly weather all year round, Florida has the infrastructure to support cyclists. There is room for improvement, with the accident statistics indicating it's one of the most dangerous states for cyclists.

However, at the very least, you have easy access to any trails you might be considering exploring. You also have access to services like bike repair, bike rentals, etc., as well as artificial obstacles in some of the trails.

Additionally, given that it's also a tourist hub, hotels are a dime a dozen, and you can likely find one in each city you visit. In Tampa, for instance, one of the more popular hotels is the Hilton Garden Inn in Tampa East. It's also fairly close to the Florida State Fairgrounds for those interested in that sort of thing.

Sights and landmarks in Florida

One of the major Florida sights you can visit on your bike is the Everglades National Park, where you may even see some alligators. Naturally, you should be careful in the sections with the alligators since you can easily become dinner.

FAQ about trails in Florida

Which intermediate-level trails should I try in Florida?

The Balm Boyette is an excellent intermediate-level trail for anyone looking for a whole day's adventure. It's a network-type 20-mile adventure with more elevation changes than what is typically available in the rest of the state. That said, they're often quite short and allow for a flowy ride which is just what some cyclists want.

What is the longest bike trail in Florida?

The East Central Regional Rail Trail is a paved 52-mile trail that may need more than a day to complete if you use a mountain bike. You can probably reduce the duration significantly by using a road bike instead, and without the jumps and drops you find in most MTB trails, bike suspension won't be necessary.

Can I go mountain biking in Florida during winter?

It can get fairly wet during winter, and this might make the trails slightly more slippery and technical. However, if you can handle yourself and don't mind the weather, you should be able to do it.

City trails and maps in Florida