Mountain Bike Trails near Pasadena, California

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Pasadena, California

The Pasadena Mount Lowe Railway trail is a fun intermediate-level ride that involves steep climbs on your way up and fast descents on your down. The singletrack follows the
11 mi
The Pasadena Mount Wilson is a great trail if you’re an adrenaline junkie, with about 5000 feet of separation between the highest and lowest points of the trail. With about
8 mi
The Pasadena Sunset Ridge Trail is an exciting short loop for intermediate-level riders with plenty of trail features to keep you on your toes. Riders often start the trail as
6 mi
The Arroyo Seco is a little-known gem in Pasadena and runs almost parallel to the El Prieto Trail in the area. If you’re from Los Angeles or Pasadena, this is one of the more
7 mi
The Chilao / Silver Moccasin is a good tough climb for anyone up to a mountain biking challenge. The trail begins so high up in the mountain and thus has the shortest riding
15 mi