How to Remove Electric Bike Battery?

All the necessary tips on how to remove an e-bike battery without extra effort.
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Last updated: August 28, 2023
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Once you’ve tried an electric bike, it’s hard to imagine going back to a peddle based bike. But did you know that almost 90% of all E-bikes around the world are actually pedal assisted? This means that running out of battery halfway through your commute isn’t the end of the world, but even then, how do you remove the electric bike battery? this article, we’ll tell you when it’s time to remove your battery pack, how to remove electric bike battery, and what you need to remove and what to do with the old one.

When Should I Replace My Electric Bike Battery?

Every E-bike has a recommended battery rating, which is represented in cycles. The battery rating isn’t a maximum number of cycles that your electric bike has in it, but rather how many times the battery can be charged before it degrades to 80% in charging capacity. The highest battery ratings don’t always come with huge price tags these days, which is obvious when looking at some of the best electric bikes under 1000.

The battery of your electric bike will function fine for an average of 3-5 years, depending on usage and storage conditions. If you’re a daily user, you may be on the shorter end of that estimate. But, if you’re for example a hunter you may only use your E-bike seasonally. This drastically changes the longevity of your battery. Luckily, there are a lot of bikes made for specific uses, just look at the best electric bikes for hunting. On the other hand, something like the RideUp 500 Series is great for both off-road adventures and city commuting, and the DJ Mountain Bike 750W will give you almost the same specs for a little less money.

How Can I Understand that I Have to Change My E-Bike Battery?

How to Remove Electric Bike Battery?

If you find yourself charging once every three days, while you once charged your E-bike once a week, that’s a sure sign your battery pack has degraded below 80% and is in need of replacement.

What Do You Need to Replace an E-bike Battery?

Most electric bikes come with batteries that are easily detachable. All you need is the key that came with your ebike.

Can I Use Any E-Bike Battery on my Electric Bike?

No. The battery pack of an E-bike actually consists of a bunch of batteries stacked together, and they’re all managed by the battery management system. Choosing the wrong battery pack can fry the electrical wiring of your whole electric bike.

How Do I Know If I Have a Compatible E-bike Battery?

When looking for a battery pack to replace a depleted one from your E-bike, there are several things to keep an eye on to make sure you don’t damage either battery or the bike itself. Battery packs for aren’t universal.

The Size of The Battery Pack

Battery packs come in a lot of different shapes and sizes to fit specific bikes. This is even more true when the manufacturer of your electric bike chose to develop its own components. Check the specific dimensions of your battery pack before deciding on a new one.

The Battery Capacity

Don’t be tempted to get something that is not the same as your old battery pack. You won’t increase the power of your E-bike’s motor. Instead, you will fry the Battery Management System, and possibly damage the battery pack as well. The battery capacity is measured in either Watt hours (Wh) or Amp hours (Ah). The battery capacity can differ greatly, depending on the goal of the E-bike, which can get very specific. So if you want to polish up your general E-bike knowledge, we recommend you take a peek at the best class 3 electric bikes.


Most designs were made for a specific voltage range. Make sure that your charger and your battery pack are still compatible after you’ve changed out your new one.

Always go for a battery pack that comes from the same manufacturer as the electric bike itself whenever possible. But as many of them have disappeared just as fast as they popped up, it may be challenging to get by original components.

Old Battery Removal

How to Remove Electric Bike Battery?

Use the key that came with your electric bike to disconnect your old battery pack. Usually, the keyhole is on the non-drive side. Sometimes, there is also some kind of button to press to get the battery out of its position.

How to Remove the Battery From an Electric Road Bike?

Most electric road bikes come with a removable integrated battery. To remove an integrated battery, you need the key that comes with your electric bike again. Once the battery has been released, use one hand to support the battery and the other to unlatch it and pull out the battery.

How to Take the Battery Out of an Electric Trek Boost Bike?

Press the button on top of the boost battery pack to release the battery, and pull it out.

How to Remove the Lithium Battery From my Ancheer Electric Bike?

Undo the Velcro straps and unzip the zipper of the bag that holds the battery pack of your bike. Disconnect the cables, and proceed to pull out the battery.

How to Remove an E-bike Battery Without a Key?

One way is to get a screwdriver, which you place in the place that connects the pins of the lock with the battery. Once lifted slightly, you should be able to pull the battery off. If your casing is made of metal, some more force may be needed. But you should consider contacting your manufacturer.

How to Install the New Battery?

To install your new battery pack, line up the base of the battery pack with the connective components and click in place. Use the key to lock the battery in place, and you’re good to go!

What Should I Do with My Old E-bike Battery?

Never throw a battery pack away with your general waste. There are several things you can do with your old battery pack.

Check your Warranty

If your battery pack died prematurely, always contact the manufacturer to check if the damage falls under the warranty.

Return to The Manufacturer

Some manufacturers have a built in recycle price. Follow the instructions given at purchase and return the battery pack so usable parts can be salvages.


There are lots of places that will gladly take your battery pack off your hands. Think auto parts dealers, service shops, even home improvement stores may have a program in place to recycle E-bike battery packs. And, of course, your local recycle point will know what to do with it.

How to Remove Electric Bike Battery?

Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your E-bike Battery

The battery packs of E-bikes are made with lithium. Though lithium is very durable, and it will take several years to completely deplete the battery pack beyond function, there are ways to make sure you get the most of your battery pack for as long as possible.

Always use a Compatible Charger

When charging your electric bike, it’s very important to always use a charger that is compatible with your E-bike. Most problems with faulty battery packs stem from a broken Battery Management System.

Extreme Weather

Have you ever left your phone in the sun? Or found it dead in the snow? Batteries can withstand a lot of things, but nothing is good in extremes. The same goes for your e-bike battery pack and extreme temperatures. If possible, never expose your electric bike to either too much heat, or cold.


Even if your battery pack will degrade over time no matter what you do, it is still recommended that you only charge your electric bike up to 80%, and don’t allow it to deplete below 20%-30%.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to remove electric bike battery, so you don’t have to buy a new E-bike when your old battery no longer does the job. The best choice is for a new battery is always from the same manufacturer that you bought your electric bike from. If they’re no longer around, there are plenty of others on the market to replace the original with. Just make sure you check the size, battery capacity, and voltage before deciding on which battery pack to buy

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