Mountain Bike Trails near San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has several scenic biking trails for cross-country and mountain biking. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced biker, you are spoilt for choice. San Antonio has a gently rolling terrain with plenty of forested land. Although the trails in the city hardly make it to most tourists’ itineraries, they are a wealth of natural areas not too far from the city’s comforts that everyone desires. Bikers of all skill levels can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the trails, the wildlife, sweeping vistas, and variety of wildflowers. Some of the trails meander around rivers with sections of sunny meadows and shady farmlands, while others run through rolling hills with winding switchbacks.

Best Mountain Bike Trails near San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio
A road trail with 5 Spanish missions alongside which you can visit and take some pictures.
13.9 mi
San Antonio
It is hard to come by a well-maintained and easy-to-follow trail for biking. The Leon Creek Greenway is a great multi-use trail in San Antonio. Read on for a detailed description.
18.8 mi
San Antonio
The Hill Country Highlights loop is everything an avid mountain biker could ask for. It combines easy sections you can breeze through to highly technical parts that may force
15.4 mi
San Antonio
The Government Canyon outer loop is a combination of several trails, i.e., the Joe Johnston, Caroline’s Loop, Sendero Balcones, etc. It also combines rocky terrain with steep
12 mi
San Antonio
The Salado Creek Greenway Trail is a beautiful, scenic trail ideal for all biking skill levels. Let's have a deeper look.
25 mi

San Antonio, Texas: Area Description

San Antonio is a city on the west on Houston Texas, and the southwest of Austin. A large part of its total area in square miles is land (1,307 km²). The city has a gentle terrain covered with vegetation like oak trees, mesquite, cacti and other forest trees. It sits on the Balcones escarpment with an altitude of 662 feet above sea level.

Land area 1,307 km² / 504.6 mi²
Max elevation  6 m / 19.7 ft
Min elevation 41 m / 134.5 ft

Demographics of San Antonio

San Antonio’s population is 1.452 million with 2,875.86 people per square meter. The city’s median age is 32. 48% of the population are males and 52% females. Hispanics and African Americans are a significant part of the population.

Total population 1.452 million
Population density 2,875.86/sq mi

Climate of San Antonio

San Antonio’s climate is transitional humid subtropical. The summers are hot, long and humid and the winters are mild to cool. July to August are the warmest months ideal for biking. January is the coldest month in the city and May, June, and October are the rainy months. Except for the summer months, be sure to check the weather forecast when planning a ride on any of the trails in the city.

Average temperature by months

Month Min (°F) Max (°F)
January 41 63
February 45 67
March 52 74
April 58 80
May 66 87
June 73 92
July 75 95
August 75 96
September 70 90
October 60 82
November 50 72
December 42 65

Infrastructure in San Antonio

Despite being one of the major car-dependent cities in the U.S, San Antonio has an efficient rail and bus system for public transport. You can easily get around the city on your bike. The San Antonio airport is in uptown and Stinson Municipal airport is south of downtown.

Although largely disconnected, San Antonio’s biking infrastructure constitutes 136 miles of bicycle paths, routes and lanes within the city. The city has a bronze-level ‘Bicycle-friendly community’ designation by the League of American Bicyclists.

It also has a bike sharing service with 140 bikes on 14 locations. The service is supported by Central Hub and serves both residents and visitors. You can get a bike and explore of the scenic trails like Salado Creek Greenway, Leon Creek Greenway and the Medina River.

Sights and Landmarks in San Antonio

The most famous, must-see San Antonio landmarks on and off-bike include;

  • San Antonio Mission National Historical Park.
  • Mission trail
  • The Alamo.
  • The San Antonio Riverwalk.
  • Comanche Park.
  • Spanish colonial missions (Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, Mission San Juan Capistrano).

On the trails you may encounter various wild animals like golden-cheeked warblers, coyotes, herons, egrets, and various bird species. You will also love the trails’ tranquil nature, beautiful prairies or open meadows, and spectacular creek views.

A ride on San Antonio Mission trail, will get you up close to the UNESCO world heritage site which is the only in all 16 national parks in Texas. You can also stop to explore the history and amazing architecture of the four Spanish colonial missions.

The Hillview nature trail has wildflowers that bloom and fill up every bit of the view offering beautiful views in spring.

The Salado Creek Greenway trail has two segments. The first segment is the famous Voelcker farmstead which is an archeological site. It also features the Walker Ranch Historic Landmark park which has scenic natural landscapes, a large pavilion, restrooms, and playgrounds. You will also come by the Robert L.B Tobin Park which is a popular spot for bird watching. You may spot warblers, hawks, owls, and buntings. The second segment of the trail has several parks including the Martin Luther King Park, SouthSide Lions Park, Comanche Park, and Pletz County Park.


Which is the most exciting mountain biking trail in San Antonio?

San Antonio has multiple fun trails for cross-country and mountain biking with San Antonio Mission trail, Len Creek Greenway and Salado Creek Greenway topping the list as the city’s most popular options. The Salado Creek Greenway trail is the longest road biking tail in the city. It is the ideal place to go for cross-country cycling.

Which trail in San Antonio has few people?

The Hill Country State Natural Area Highlights is one of the lesser known trails in the city.

Which trail has parks in San Antonio?

The San Antonio Mission trail will give you access to the UNESCO World Heritiage Site. You can also go to parks with trails like the Garner State Park and Friedrick wilderness Park which is a home to a 10-mile trail.