Mountain Bike Trails near Winston Salem, North Carolina

If you are an avid mountain biker who wants to explore all that Winston Salem has to offer in terms of mountain biking, you are in luck. With North Carolina’s trails and terrain, as well as some beautiful weather and views all year round, you will find plenty of trails that suit your mountain biking needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to riding the trails, we’ve got you with some of the best locations to start pedaling and experiencing what Winston Salem has to offer you. Here’s what you need to know about the state that some of these amazing trails are located in!

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Winston Salem, North Carolina

Winston Salem
If you are looking for a long and twisty trail that will make you feel amazing about breaking out your mountain bike, then you need to check out the Kernersville MTB
4 mi
Winston Salem
This area of Lexington North Carolina is not just a beautiful bike trail, but also a beautiful park to go to for any reason! Unlike many bike trails in the area, this trail
3.4 mi
Winston Salem
While the trail might be named Hobby Park, this is a trail for serious mountain bikers first and foremost, because this trail is used for many local mountain bike races. It
7 mi
Winston Salem
If you are the type of biker that likes a very long trail and a long time to ride it in, then you need to check out North Carolina’s Tanglewood Park Trail. This 4 mile trail
8 mi
Winston Salem
If you want to bike across a beautiful looped trail with a complete lakeside view, then you need to make sure that you are moving across the Salem Lake Trail! This trail is a
6 mi

Winston Salem, North Carolina: Area Description

Before you can hop on any trail, you need to know a little bit about where you are riding. This can prevent injury, confusion, and can lead to you having more fun on the trail itself. Whether you have lived in Winston Salem your entire life or are heading here for the biking trails, here’s some information about the area, and Carolina as a whole!

Geography of Winston Salem

Winston Salem is a warm and lush area, with plenty of forests, lakes, rivers, and grassland that you will be riding your bike in. So you will find plenty of woods and forests surrounding you as you ride your mountain bike on the area’s many trails. Additionally, several trails, like the famous Hobby Trail, have plenty of hills and changes in elevation to give your body a real workout as you strive to complete the loop.

Land Area 134.7 square miles (346.3 km)
Minimum Elevation 591 ft
Maximum Elevation 1,027 ft

Demographics Of Winston Salem

With 528,000 people reported in 2022, and just under 2,000 people per square mile, this area of North Carolina is pretty populated. What this means for bikers is that you might see more biker and hikers on the trails during the busier times of day, but a bit of company never hurt anyone.

Total Population 528,000
Population Density 1,927 people per square mile.

Climate of Winston Salem

The climate of Winston Salem is pretty warm for 9 months of the year on average, with only December-February being pretty cold. Winston Salem doesn’t get much rainfall, so the months of March-November will lead to some pretty good biking weather. Just make sure to check the trails you want to go to after a rainfall, because while it doesn’t rain often it can rain hard enough to shut down the trails.

But most of the trails are suitable for long rides as well as family trips, especially if you go to one of the many trails set inside local parks.

Average temperature by months

Month Average Temperature
January 49°F / 31°F
February 53°F / 33°F
March 61°F / 40°F
April 71°F / 49°F
May 78°F / 58°F
June 85°F / 66°F
July 88°F / 69°F
August 86°F / 68°F
September 80°F / 62°F
October 70°F / 50°F
November 61°F / 40°F
December 52°F / 34°F


Winston Salem is a cyclist’s dream come true! There are over 125 bike racks that the city has purchased and installed on streets, schools, and other public buildings, and there are plenty of shared mobility programs all around this bike friendly city. The trails are often maintained and in some cases even owned by volunteers who love to cycle, and there are plenty of clubs for cyclists who want to get into their favorite hobby with a neighbor.

Just make sure to keep an eye on the months with heavy rainfall, such as the months of May and July, because the heavy rain can cause the rivers and lakes near the bike trails to flood and in many cases, the trails are shut down and aren’t reopened until things have dried out. Again, the websites and social media pages for the trails will often have all the information you need, so make sure to check them before you head out.

Sights and Landmarks in Winston Salem

While you won’t find too many landmarks while mountain biking, the various trails often take you through some amazing parks and outdoor sights. For example, Hobby Trail is often the sight of many races and is considered to be one of the best trails for competitive mountain biking, and the Salem Lake trail takes you around the perimeter of the beautiful Salem Lake. So if you are the type of mountain biker who loves to see the outdoor sites of the world, you will find plenty to see in Winston Salem.

FAQ About Trails In Winston Salem

What Is The Longest Trail in Winston Salem?

The longest trail in Winston Salem is going to be the Salem Lake Trail. This trail is a seven mile long trail that takes you around Salem Lake, and depending on how fast you go and how much of the lake you want to stop and see, it can take you most of a day to complete the trail.

What Time Of Day Should I Bike In Winston Salem?

You should try your best to bike in the mid-morning and mid-day. Not only do most of the parks close and lock their gates at night, but biking when the sun is out and high in the sky will give you some of the best views and temperatures to be outside. There’s nothing better than biking on a nice warm summer day, and this city has plenty of them!

Is Winston Salem A Bike Friendly City?

Yes! If you want to come somewhere where the usage of your bike is not restricted to the parks and trails, you need to come to Winston Salem! There are seven city parks for public use in the city alone, not to mention a few private ones as well as several biking locations outside of town. Plus, the roads of Winston Salem are very bike friendly even in the cities, so as long as you are safe and keep your eyes open, you should have no trouble sharing the road.