Mountain Bike Trails near Nelson, New Zealand

If you visit Nelson in New Zealand, you will be greeted by stunning white sands and beautiful lakes. Because of its natural beauty, the best way to see this location is on a mountain bike. Thankfully, there are plenty of incredible trials for you to explore; these include:    

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Nelson, New Zealand

The Great Taste Trail is an off-road cycling route through the stunning New Zealand landscape provided by The Gentle Cycling Company. The trail offers a unique experience for
200 km

Nelson, New Zealand: Area Description

This is just a taste of what Nelson can offer. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about this stunning part of New Zealand before you book your holiday. Nelson is located on the South Island and is one of the oldest cities in New Zealand. Though it has a relatively low population, it has been able to grow a thriving cultural scene, with plenty of delicious food to try and art shops to explore.

Geography of Nelson, New Zealand

Nelson is known for its beaches and stunning white sand. Or you can choose a track that allows you to explore its dense green forests. This area is also known for its stunning mountain ranges, which are covered by snowfall during the winter months. At the base of the mountain ranges lie the glacial lakes.

Most of the bike trails move through the forest. But you can find some that take you up into the mountains or stretch down along the coastline.

Land Area 262 square miles (422 sq km)
Minimum Elevation -3 feet (-1 m)
Maximum Elevation 4,901 feet (1494 m)

Demographics of Nelson

Total Population 54,500
Population Density 129 people per sq km

Climate of Nelson

Nelson is known for its temperate climate. Most of the days will be sunny with mild temperatures. Furthermore, the rainfall is spread throughout the year, though late autumn to early winter tends to bring the most rain. This occurs between May and June. These are also the darkest months of the year.

Due to its sunny climate, you can visit Nelson throughout the year. But if you want a mountain ride, you should consider visiting during the months between June and August. This is winter, so you will be able to experience snowy mountain trails. Just remember to pack warm clothes.

Month Average Temperature
January 64°F
February 64.2°F
March 61°F
April 55.8°F
May 46.2°F
June 46.2°F
July 45°F
August 47.1°F
September 50.7°F
October 54.3°F
November 57.7°F
December 61.5°F

Infrastructure of Nelson

Most of the tracks around Nelson are maintained by the New Zealand government. Though the Gorge Mountain Bike Park is managed by a volunteer group. As a result, the trail tends to be kept in good condition. Though you should still check the website before you leave. This will inform you if the track has been closed for maintenance.

There are plenty of hotels that you can stay at, many of them close to mountain bike trails. As we mentioned, Gorge Mountain Bike Park offers accommodation options on-site. Furthermore, there are dozens of accommodation options that are within close proximity to trail openings. You can choose anything from a luxury hotel to a basic hut, depending on your budget. But these are popular during the summer months, when the tourist season peaks, so make sure that you book in advance.

Sights and Landmarks of Nelson

There are plenty of things that you can see in the Nelson area. This region has become popular for its delicious food and wine offerings, with dozens of restaurants to explore. Furthermore, this area has plenty of local artists to check out.

There are plenty of interesting landmarks to explore in Nelson. For example, you can see the Centre of New Zealand monument. Or you might want to take a relaxing walk around Queen’s Park, which contains a wide array of tropical plants.


When Is a Peak Tourist Season in Nelson?

Nelson is most popular during the spring and autumn months. In particular, most people tend to visit between November and March. Though the moderate climate means that it tends to remain popular throughout the year.

Do You Need a Permit to Ride a Mountain Bike?

Most of the trails can be accessed for free. But if you need to ride through Koata Park, you will need to register online. Currently, this is free. Once you register, you’ll need to print out the permit in case you need to show it to park security.

What Is The Most Popular Mountain Bike Trail in Nelson?

The Great Taste Trail is a favorite. It doesn’t require a lot of technical skill, so it can be ridden by anyone. However, many tourists opt to use it for a day trip rather than riding the whole trail.