Mountain Bike Trails near Indianapolis, Indiana

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Indianapolis, Indiana

The Town Run trail is the most popular trail for bikers in Indiana. The intermediate-friendly trail has enough challenges and fun, flowing areas for all biking skill
6.6 mi
Riding through Hoosier National Forest Loops is the best way to get the classic experience of the famous forest. It is ideal for intermediate and expert riders as it has lots
29.6 mi
Fall Creek trail is the place to be with your family or friends when the weather is nice. The entire trail is beginner-friendly and has exciting sightings that make it
9.7 mi
Fort Harrison State Park has a singletrack trail system with three sections for different biking skill levels. Read on to find out which section suits you. The Fort
8 mi
Lenape is a technical trail suitable for intermediate and advanced mountain biking. Keep reading for in-depth details about its technical features. The Lenape mountain
1.8 mi