Mountain Bike Trails near Fort Collins, Colorado

Whether you're a beginner looking for a comfortable ride or an experienced biker seeking a challenge, Fort Collins has it all. From paved paths along the scenic Poudre River to mountain bike trails in the nearby foothills, there is something for everyone. Most of the biking trails in this region are single tracks, while others are double tracks. In some instances, you may find tracks that are both single tracks and double tracks. The best thing about Fort Collins' biking trails is that they're well-maintained, improving your biking experience. Well-maintained biking trails also reduce the likelihood of accidents. Additionally, the trails feature several amenities like parking lots, picnic tables, and restrooms.

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins
OverviewLooking for a trail that challenges both your climbing and descending skills? Look no further than the Ginny Trail in Fort Collins, Colorado. Set amidst the eerie
10 mi
Fort Collins
IntroductionYoung Gulch Trail is a paradise for mountain bikers who love a blend of natural obstacles and serene wilderness. Located 13 miles west of Fort Collins, Colorado,
10 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewLocated in Lory State Park in Fort Collins, Colorado, Timber Trail offers an enticing journey for experienced mountain bikers. With a total distance of 9 miles, the
9 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewLocated within the vicinity of Fort Collins, Colorado, the Reservoir Ridge trail network offers a rocky and technical riding experience for intermediate-level
5 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewNestled at the western edge of Fort Collins, Colorado, Pineridge Natural Area serves as an enticing blend of natural landscapes and trails suitable for beginner and
7 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewTucked away in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado, Maxwell Trail is a 3-mile point-to-point route that offers a delightful mix of challenges and scenery. Suited for
3 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewLocated near Fort Collins, Colorado, the Killpecker Trail is a formidable 14-mile loop situated in Roosevelt National Forest. Designed for the daring, the trail poses
14 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewSituated in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Indian Summer Trail serves as an engaging optional loop connected to the main Blue Sky Trail. Clocking in at 2 miles and
2 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewLocated within Lory State Park in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Howard Trail is a hidden jewel in the mountain biking community. Offering a dizzying elevation climb of
2 mi
Fort Collins
OverviewHidden amidst the scenic outskirts of Fort Collins, Colorado, the Poudre River Trail offers a unique blend of natural beauty, technical challenges, and solitude. With
10 mi

Collins, Colorado: Area Description

Fort Collins is one one of the best biking spots in Colorado featuring several trails ranging from easy to difficult.

Geography of Fort Collins

Fort Collins is located in northern Colorado and is part of the Front Range Urban Corridor, which runs from Pueblo, Colorado, in the south to Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the north. It's divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each with a unique character and style. Downtown areas feature historic buildings, unique shops, and several restaurants and bars.

This city covers an area of 58.47 square miles. Its minimum elevation is approximately 4,797 ft, while the maximum is around 6,417 ft.

Fort Collins is surrounded by several beautiful natural landscapes. Good examples include the prairie grasslands to the east and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the west. This city also features the Cache La Poudre River which acts as a tourist attraction center.

The western part of Fort Collins contains the Rocky Mountains' foothills, which rise above 14,000 feet. These mountains offer breathtaking views and opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and camping. At the foothills of the mountain is the Horsetooth Reservoir, which allows you to enjoy Fishing, boating, and swimming.

Land Area  58.47 mi²
Minimum Elevation 4,797 ft
Maximum Elevation 6,417 ft

Demographics of  Fort Collins

According to the 2021 census results, Fort Collins has a total population of 168,538 people and a population density of 2930 people per square mile. About 50.2% of these people are female, while 49.8% are male. This population also comprises mainly young people with a median age of 31, which is quite low compared to the national age median of 38. Here is a detailed breakdown of the age of Fort Collins residents.

  • Under 18 years: 21.9%
  • 18 to 24 years: 24.6%
  • 25 to 44 years: 33.8%
  • 45 to 64 years: 14.3%
  • 65 years and over: 5.5%

Generally, the racial and ethnic composition is quite diverse. White people are the majority comprising 82% of the population, closely followed by Latinos at 10%. The rest are African Americans, Native American residents and Asians.

One of the best things about Fort Collins city is its higher average household income, meaning most people are doing well. According to studies, the city's average household income is around $74,000. Nevertheless, about 10% of residents live below the poverty line.

In terms of religion, Christianity is the dominant religion in Fort Collins. There are also people who identify with other religious groups, such as Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism.

Total Population (2021)  168,538
Population Density (2021)  2,652.8/mi²

Climate of Fort Collins

Fort Collins has a semi-arid climate characterized by four distinct seasons, as discussed below.

Summers in Fort Collins are generally warm and dry, with temperatures ranging from 85°F to 93°F during the day and 55°F to 63°F at night. During this season, the city receives about  2 inches of rain per month, which is quite low. The areas may also experience thunderstorms, especially late in the afternoon and evening.

Fall in Fort Collins starts in September and runs through November. The temperatures during this season are quite mild. At the beginning of the season, they're usually as high as 75°F, then drop to 45°F. The city also receives an average precipitation of about 1-2 inches throughout this period.

In winter, the temperatures are normally chilly and snowy, ranging from 35°F to 43°F during the day and 13 °F to 23°F at night. Snow is quite common in Fort Collins during this season, and it normally ranges between 5 and 6 inches.

Springs are generally mild, with occasional snowfall in March and April. In March, high temperatures are about 55°F and then rise to 67°F by May.

If you want to bike in Fort Collins, plan your trip during the fall or spring. This is because the temperatures are mild, allowing you to enjoy biking in a natural environment without getting tired quickly. The environment is also quite beautiful during this period due to the blossoming flowers and changing foliage. Additionally, the area normally has fewer crowds, allowing you to bike freely in a quiet and private environment.

Winter is another ideal time for biking, but only for expert riders. Some people also prefer to bike during summer, but it's not favorable due to the weather, and you may also find huge crowds. If you must bike during summer, start early in the morning. Also, remember to carry enough drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Average temperature by months

Month Average Temperature (Low) Average Temperature (High)
January 45.0℉ 18.3℉
February 46.8℉ 20.7℉
March 56.4℉ 28.5℉
April 62.5℉ 35.4℉
May 70.9℉ 44.2℉
June 81.8℉ 52.8℉
July 87.4℉ 58.7℉
August 85.0℉ 56.5℉
September 77.4℉ 48.0℉
October 64.3℉ 36.1℉
November 52.5℉ 26.1℉
December 44.0℉ 18.3℉
Entire year 64.6℉ 37.0℉

Infrastructure in Fort Collins

Fort Collins’ infrastructure is well-developed, offering residents and tourists a high quality of life. The city features many highways and interstates, including Interstate 25 and US Route 287, providing easy access to other areas.

This area also has a reliable public transportation system, eliminating the need to come with your car. Additionally, this city is home to Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport. The Airport offers local and international air travel, making the area accessible.

Fort Collins boasts a sizable recreation system featuring several parks and natural areas, trails, sports fields, and community centers. These facilities offer locals and tourists an opportunity to enjoy different outdoor activities.

This city has several hotels, including:

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Fort Collins
  • Marriott Hotel Fort Collins
  • Hilton Fort Collins
  • Best Western University Inn
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton Fort Collins
  • The Armstrong Hotel
  • Cambria Hotel Fort Collins
  • Residence Inn Fort Collins
  • The Elizabeth Hotel
  • Fort Collins Marriott

These offer many amenities and services, like free Wi-Fi, gyms, swimming pools, dining options, and meeting spaces. They also have accommodation options allowing you to stay in the area for many days and explore the trails.

Finally, this city has many gas stations which are normally open 24/7, allowing you to refuel your vehicle whenever you want.

Sights and landmarks in Fort Collins

Fort Collins has many sights and landmarks, attracting both local and international tourists. Here are some of them.

Gardens on Spring Creek - The Gardens on Spring Creek features a wetland garden, a rock garden, and a children's garden.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery - This is a hands-on science and history museum that highlights the natural and cultural heritage of Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

Old Town Fort Collins - Old Town Fort Collins features historic structures built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is a popular destination for food, shopping, and nightlife.

Fossil Creek Reservoir - This natural environment is home to numerous bird species, including bald eagles and ospreys. It offers an ideal setting for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing

Cache la Poudre River - The Cache la Poudre River is a beautiful river that flows through Fort Collins. Locals and visitors normally use it for fishing, kayaking, and rafting.

Horsetooth Reservoir - This area, located in the West of Fort Collins, offers breathtaking views of the Front Range mountains. It allows you to participate in activities such as hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and camping.


Are the trails in Fort Collins open year-round?

Most of the trails in Fort Collins are open all year round. However, some may close during seasons such as winter or due to maintenance reasons. Therefore, it's advisable to check if the trail you intend to use is open before heading out to avoid issues.

Do you need to pay any fees to use the trails in Fort Collins?

Most trails in Fort Collins don't require you to pay any amount to use them. However, some may require you to pay entry and parking fees. Check the official website of each trail in the region to know the requirements.

What should I bring with me when biking in Fort Collins?

Always remember to carry enough drinking water and snacks when biking on Fort Collins trails. You can also carry sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage and bug spray to protect yourself from insect bites.