Mountain Bike Trails near Denver, Colorado

Denver, the capital of Colorado has many great trails surrounding it. Choosing a fun mountain bike trails near Denver can be a daunting experience because of the endless options available. The trails are all over Denver’s foothills and high up in the Rocky Mountains. You can do cross-country and mountain riding 30 minutes away from downtown. The Colorado trail is among the popular trails. Mountain bikers throng the 535 mile route for real biking adventure. Although not all 28 individual segments are open for biking, they are the best singletrack trails in the State.

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Denver, Colorado

Cherry Creek is a picturesque trail in the heart of Denver. It is open for bikers, hikers, joggers, and dogs on leash. Keep reading for in-depth information.
40 mi
The South Platte River Greenway is an out-and-back trail suitable for road biking. Read on for all the great details about the trail.
30 mi
Riding on the Red Rocks/Dakota ridge trail is fun because of the stunning rock formations in the surroundings. Let’s see what the trail offers for an avid bike rider.
6 mi
The Washington Park Loop in Denver is a perfect trail for road biking. It is a fairly easy trail for all biking skill levels. Here are more details.
2.3 mi
Sloan's Lake loop is an easy-to-follow trail popular for various activities, including road biking. Read on for specific details.
2.6 mi
OverviewIf you reside in Denver, you've probably heard of the Cherry Creek Bike Path. Running along Cherry Creek from Confluence Park to Cherry Creek Reservoir, this trail
8 mi
OverviewLocated in the bustling city of Denver, Colorado, the trails at William Frederick Hayden Park offer a diverse range of experiences for mountain bikers. With its easy
7 mi
Introduction: An Off-road Challenge AwaitsFor cyclists yearning for a mixed bag of terrains, a variety of views, and some heart-pounding elevation, the Indian Creek Loop near
29 mi

Denver, Colorado: Area Description

Denver city is in Colorado, western US. It has several geographical features that make it a top-rated biking region. To its west lie the Southern Rocky Mountains and to the east are high plains. Majority of the biking trails in the city run through the mountains’ foothills and hillsides. Moreover, the city’s downtown district is on the east of South Platte River and Cherry Creek confluence.

Land area 170.7 km² / 65.9 mi² Max elevation 2,397 m / 7864.2 ft Min elevation 1,515 m / 4970.5 ft

Demographics of Denver

Denver is the largest city in Colorado population-wise. Its total population is 711, 463 spanning over a whopping 155 miles. The median age is 34.6 years. The largest ancestry group in Denver’s population is Mexican at 31.2% and thus a significant part of the population speaks Spanish at home.

Total population 711,463
Population density 4,674/mi²

Climate of Denver

Denver has a semi-arid climate and out of one year, you can get 270 clear and partly cloudy days. Although the climate is milder than that of the mountains to the west or high plains to the east, it can be quite unpredictable. Ensure you check the weather forecast when planning a biking adventure in any part of the city.

Average temperature by months

Month Min (°F) Max (°F)
January 19 45
February 20 46
March 28 56
April 34 62
May 44 71
June 53 83
July 60 90
August 58 87
September 50 80
October 37 65
November 26 53
December 18 44

Infrastructure in Denver

Denver’s infrastructure consists of a straightforward grid system, interstate highways, inter-city rail, commuter rail lines, over 10,000 bus stops with 1000 buses and Denver international airport. It is hard to get lost in the city because every street is clearly marked and visible on Google maps.

As for the biking infrastructure, it is neither heaven nor hell to ride in Denver. Colorado is rated sixth best bike-friendly state in the U.S. because of Denver and other cities like Fort Collins, and Boulder’s emphasis on improving bike infrastructure to promote cycling as the main mode of transportation. Denver has a citywide bicycle sharing program and although the biking network is unconnected but there are plenty of pleasant places to spin your wheels in the city, including the 850 miles paved bike trails and separated paths with technical features like Red Rocks/Dakota ridge, Cherry Creek trail and the Clear creek trail.

Sights and Landmarks in Denver

The significant landmarks in Denver include:

  • Confluence park (Where South Platte and Cherry creek).
  • Four Mile House (a famous stop on Cherokee trail).
  • Red Rocks
  • Richthofen castle.
  • Aurora History Museum.
  • Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.
  • American Mountaineering Center.
  • Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave.

On the foothill, uphill, or hillside trails, you will see the most beautiful natural sights and landscapes in Colorado. For instance, on Cherry Creek trail you will see various wildlife including deer, coyotes, beavers, muskrats, and prairie dogs. You will also enjoy the stunning creek views.

The biggest highlight on Cherry Creek trail is that it has over 500 high-end galleries, department stores, shops, cafes, and outdoor restaurants. The Four mile Historic Park is another famous landmark on the trail. The Four mile House is the oldest building in the metro built in 1859 and has a museum that tells the City’s early history.

On the Highline canal trail you can stop by the Aurora Museum and Wings over Rockies Air and Space museum. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Museum on the trail is another popular landmark in Denver. It is a home to over 330 wildlife species. You will have an up close encounter with bison, black-footed ferrets, bald eagles, and prairie dogs.

The Clear Creek Bike path that connects to the popular South Platte River trail also has incredible sightings and landmarks like the Colorado railroad museum, the American Mountaineering Center and the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave.


Which is the best easy-rated trail in Denver?

Denver is full of easy trails for all biking skill levels. Cherry Creek regional trail, Sloan’s Lake Loop and South Platte River Greenway top the list with unmatched tranquility and stunning sightings.

What is the most popular trail for mountain biking in Denver?

The Red Rocks/Dakota ridge trail is the most popular difficult trail for advanced mountain bikers. For beginner riders and family rides, the Cherry Creek regional trail is more popular.

Are there paved biking trails in Denver?

Denver has a couple of paved trails including the famous Sloan’s lake loop and Washington park loop trails.