Mountain Bike Trails near Irvine, California

While Irvine may not be the mountain biking capital of the world, there are enough MTB trails and trail variations for just about anybody. This includes the beginner trying mountain biking for the first time to the expert rider looking to complete a different exciting challenge. It may even be worth a trip from out of town with varied terrain and beautiful views to make it worthwhile. That said, you likely won’t have much shade while riding, so plan your trail exploration for the mornings or much later in the day.

Best Mountain Bike Trails near Irvine, California

Have you ever wondered how riding past five or more cities would feel? The Mountains to Sea Trail at the 50,000-acre Irvine Ranch Land Reserve, Orange, California, gives you
20.3 mi
If you are bored of easy trails and willing to challenge yourself by creating your own course, not many trails are more suitable than the White Ranch Wilderness Park in
15 mi
Care for a more strenuous ride than you are used to? The Shady Canyon to Bommer Canyon to Quail Hill Loop in Irvine, California, may just be what you need. This trail makes
14.6 mi
If you do not mind a short, easy, and exhilarating ride around a lake, then the North Lake Trail near Irvine, California, will give you a great experience. Besides the calm
1 mi
Irvine Regional Park, a 160-acre park in Orange, California, became Orange County’s first-ever regional park in 1897. It is also home to Santiago Oaks, one of the better
7.9 mi
OverviewDistance: 15 miLevel: DifficultRoute Type: NetworkCity: Irvine, CaliforniaTrailheads: 13042 Old Myford Rd & 340 Summit Park DriveFor avid mountain bikers in the
15 mi
Quick FactsDistance: 3 miDifficulty: DifficultRoute Type: Out & BackLocation: 340 Summit Park Drive, Irvine, CaliforniaFacilities: Small parking lot, restrooms, and water
3 mi

Irvine, California: Area Description

While Irvine has a Mediterranean climate, there is very little forest cover, especially around the trails, so you likely won’t have shade while exploring. There are plenty of hilly areas, which is great for anyone who wants technical climbs or flowy descents. And, there’s a beach nearby with one of the trails available, also taking you there.

You might encounter some rocks depending on the trail, but generally, they’re not prominent enough - unless you’re in the most technical trails - to take note of. There are also some arid areas with cactus plants along the trails.

Land area 170.7 km² / 65.9 mi²
Max elevation 413 m / 1355 ft
Min elevation -4 m / 13.1 ft

Demographics of Irvine

With the median age of people in Irvine being 33.8 years, the population consists mainly of young professionals working white-collar jobs. In fact, blue-collar workers only make up about 6% of the population. As such, they spend most of their days behind a desk, with some occupying their free time with physical activities such as mountain biking or hiking.

With the weather and climate pretty well suited to cycling, Irvine is a bike-friendly city, with some people using their bikes to commute while others use them for adventure. The 286.42 miles of on-street bike lanes are a pretty good indicator of the biking community in the area.

Total population (in 2021) 309,031
Population density (in 2021) 4,689.4/mi²

Climate of Irvine

Due to Irvine’s closeness to the ocean and the resulting changes in elevation, there are a few localized climate conditions. As such, you might find certain areas to be woodier than the rest, with changes to the predominant vegetation and weather patterns as well.

For instance, it’s often cloudier and more overcast in the southern parts of Irvine just before summer. Also, most of the rain comes in winter, with hardly any snow reported. As such, you should be able to hit the trails even in winter, with the coldest month of the year being December at about 48° F.

Overall, the weather in Irvine stays bike-friendly for most of the year, although you might want to check the weather forecast before you head out. It could save you from coming back home soaked from the rain.

Average temperature by months

Month Min (°F) Max (°F)
January 49 67
February 50 67
March 52 68
April 55 70
May 59 71
June 63 74
July 66 79
August 67 80
September 65 80
October 59 76
November 53 72
December 48 67


While technically not built for mountain biking, there are plenty of fire roads that make access to the trails much easier. Additionally, there’s parking at almost all the trailheads, although you might have to pay for it.

The trails are very well cared for, and given that precipitation stays fairly low through most of the year, it’s hard to find a washed-out trail section while exploring.

Also, given that Irvine is close to the beach, there are plenty of great hotels in town, including Doubletree by Hilton, Hampton Inn and Suites, the Irvine Marriot, etc. Many of them have an 8/10 rating or higher.

Sights and Landmarks in Irvine

There are plenty of parks with beautiful views and landscapes in Irvine. For instance, the Mountains to Sea Trail goes through the Weir Canyon Wilderness Area, Peters Canyon Regional Park, Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, and the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.

There’s also the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park with its trail network, the North Lake Trail, which takes you around the lake and over a bridge. Lastly, there’s Irvine Regional Park, with a trail network that some have described as “mountain bike heaven.”

If you have time for something not mountain bike related, a whale-watching cruise from Newport Beach might be just the thing and normally takes 2-3 hours.


What are the longest and shortest MTB trails in Irvine?

The shortest has to be the North Lake Trail at just 1.6 km, with paved surfaces and plenty of tree cover for a quick, relaxing ride. It also showcases the city. On the other hand, the longest is the Mountains to Sea Trail at 32.6 km, so it should be manageable in a day and will take you through a lot of what Irvine has to offer, especially for mountain bikers.

Is Irvine good for cycling?

Despite the fairly limited trail selection, Irvine is great for cycling, with some trails branching out into the nearby neighborhoods. As such, many residents can avoid going to the parks with their cars and instead hit the trails directly. There’s also a healthy variety of options so riders can switch it up when they need to.

As mentioned above, there are more than 286 miles of on-street bike lanes that you can use to navigate the city. The mountain bike trails are less than half that at about 113 miles but should be plenty for the residents there. There may be others added as well.

Weather also stays bike friendly for most of the year, so you can use that to keep fit and healthy if you’re a resident. For visitors, this means you have more months to choose from on when you can visit.

Also, you don’t have to travel with your bike, with plenty of bike renters to choose from in the city.

What is the best time of year to visit Irvine?

While summer may be great for other visitors, spring may be better for mountain bikers since the temperatures are lower. After all, you might not get that much shade while exploring the trails. That said, you also get sudden downpours during the spring, so even if the weather looks fine when you leave, it may not be like that as you explore.

The best thing to do is stay informed on the weather forecast, especially on days you take on some of the longer trails.